Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Welcome Along

After a long period of limbo, I'm glad to say that this Doctor Who review page is back up and running. My full time work in Production at Hospital Radio Chelmsford (www.hrc.org.uk) keeps me very busy and on my toes, but I'm determined to keep this page going for a long time to come.

I hope you enjoyed The War Machines review. I'm currently aiming to produce one review every six to eight weeks. At the moment I can reveal I'm in the middle of reviewing Big Finish's Only The Monstrous, starring the late John Hurt. Below though, is a list of what I'm looking to review across the rest of the year:

July: Only The Monstrous
Summer 2017: The Aztecs
Autumn 2017: The Power Of The Daleks
Autumn 2017: The Tenth Doctor Adventures, Vol. 1
Winter 2017: The Sensorites
Early 2018: The Enemy of the World
2018: The Nightmare Fair

I still intend to review the TV and Audio stories I originally promised for the 50th Anniversary, but now the 50th has long since past, I'm doing them at a lot more loose and slower pace. I'm also still open to any reader review suggestions. Any constructive input is welcome. I hope you enjoy all my future posts.