Friday, 10 September 2010

Introduction to the New Blog

Welcome to my new Doctor Who Review Blog. I've decided to separate it from my usual blog ( so I've got room to go into more detail in my reviews here.

Although, it may be more neat to review things chronologically, I've decided to be more haphazard in my selections. Why? well it allows me to cover new releases as well as very old ones, without taking years to get from one Doctor to the next. Also, realistically, most people, even fans, don't start or approach the Doctor Who book series chronologically either. They pick and chose random selections from either the local bookshop or Library.

Also for that reason, I've decided to start with a book from the 'easy reads' range, so I don't have to start in the deep end.

My first review is the 'easy read' book - Revenge of the Judoon, featuring the 10th Doctor.

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